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Product Description

Product name: Glycine


CAS No. :56-40-6


HS CODE :29224910


Molecular weight: 75.07     


Molecular formula:C2H5NO2


Characters:White crystalline powder


Use: Food-grade glycine


It is used as a flavoring, sweetener adn nutritional supplement.

It is applied in alcoholic beverage, animal and plant food processing;

For the making of salted vegetables and sweet jams;

And as an additive for the making of salted sauce, vinegar and fruit juice,

in order to improve the flavor and the taste of food and increase

the nutrition of food.It is used as a preservative for fish flakes and

peanut jams and stabilizer for cream,cheese etc.


It is used as a buffering agent for the taste of edible salt and vinegar.


Product name: Inositol


CAS No. :87-67-2


HS CODE :29054300.00


Molecular weight:  180.155    


Molecular formula:C42H30N6O12


Characters:white powder or off-white powder


Use:1)Medical industry(NF12): Inositol has the function similiar

to that of vitamin B1. It is widely used in the material of producing

compound vitamin preparation,can treat many diseases such as

liver-hardening, fatty liver, blood vessel-hardening,overtop cholesterol and

carton-tetrachlonide poisoning.


2)Food processing(FCCIV): As the food strengthen additive,nurture,health care drink,children food.


3)Feed industry(FCCIV):Inositol is used in rare marine lives and specital type breed

aquatics additive,it's a high-grade nutrition tonic and grateful bio-chemical raw material and medicine for fishing industry. It's a part of all the bio-chemical organize,it exists in the cell as the form of inositol lecithoid.


Product name:Soy Protein Lecithin


CAS No. :8002-43-5


Molecular weight: 325.2952


Molecular formula: C12H24NO7P


Characters:Dark Yellow, Viscous Liquid;Soy Lecithin Powder;Soy Lecithin GranularUse:Soy Lecithin for food use, soy lecithin is often found in chocolate,

baked goods, salad dressing, and many other prepared foods.


Cosmetically, soy lecithin may be added to moisturizers, makeup, shampoos, conditioners,

body washes, lip balms, and many other products. Soy lecithin is also a great alternative to

other emulsifying and stabilizing agents, some of which are derived from petrochemical sources.



Standard Specifications :FCC


Product name: Glucono-Delta-Lactone(GDL)


CAS No. :90-80-2


HS CODE :29155090


Molecular weight: 186.22  


Molecular formula:C6H10O6


Characters:White crystalline granule crystalline powder


Use:Gluconolactone has been widely used in food industry, in the food industry

as a lactone acidulants, leavening agents, preservatives, coloring stabilizer,

widely used soft drinks, confectionery cakes, fruit products,

and fish in the class class of processed products and canned foods. In addition to the food industry,

lactone in household chemicals, metal cleaning, plating, polishing and construction industry,

plastics and resin-modified, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. have a wide range of uses.


Product name: Polydextrose


CAS No. :68424-04-4


HS CODE :39119000.90


Molecular weight: 3200


Molecular formula:C6-H12-O6)n


Characters:White or yellow powder without the impurity that can be seen by eye


Use:Polydextrose is a new star among food additives.It brings a new effective way to health-care food industry,and it is called “the 7th nutriment” which is essential to people’s body.

It’s an important raw material to produce health-care food of low heat,low fat,low cholesterol and low natrium.It can play some important roles in foodstuff,

such as taking on necessary size,improving oily mouth feeling of food,etc.With low freezing point and

it can be used to make cold meal and sweet snack.



Standard Specifications : FCCVII/E 1200


Product name: Vital WHEAT Gluten


CAS No. :8002-80-0


HS CODE :11090000


Molecular weight: 138.21


Molecular formula:C33H47NO13


Characters:Light yellow powder


Use:vital wheat gluten has a protein level of 75-82%, adding nutritional value as well as

functional protein to many foods. It is an essential ingredient used to fortify and strengthen baking flours,

increase baking tolerances, increase water absorption,and improve tolerance to mixing and fermentation.

It also improves ingredient carrying capacities.In bakery products, high-fiber products,breakfast cereals,pastas, meat and seafood analogs, and vegetarian products,

vital wheat gluten improves manufacturing and cooking qualities,upgrades nutritional value and structural strength,

improves adhesion, reduces moisture loss to extend shelf life,and binds with and restructures muscle proteins.



Standard Specifications : FCCVII

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